Satori Black Ceramic Sharpening Rod Knife Honing Steel, 10.5 Inches


Satori Black Ceramic Sharpening Rod Features


✅  Super Fine, 2000+ Grit Black Ceramic – Honing Steel makes your blades razor sharp with just a few strokes.

✅  Durable, 8 Mohs Hardness – Honing Steel is hard enough to straighten even very hard steel, while putting a fine finish on an already sharp knife.

✅  Patented Impact Resistant Technology – Prevents the rod from breaking or shattering if dropped from heights of 1.5 to 3 feet.

✅  Versatile 10.5 Inch Ceramic Rod Length – Allowing you to seamlessly sharpen a wide range of knives.

✅  Craftsman Wooden Handle – Rich Wood and Stainless Steel Ring complete the rods durable and ergonomic design. Sometimes aesthetics puts a product over the top. After all, you wouldn’t want an eye-sore in the midst of your beautiful knives!

✅  100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Buy with confidence, knowing that your purchase is backed by Satori’s Hassle-Free Return Policy.

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Satori Black Ceramic Sharpening Rod

Satori Black Ceramic Sharpening Rod Review

Made with Japanese Raw Materials and put through the State-of-the-Art “Hot Isostatic Press” (HIP),  Satori’s Black Ceramic Sharpening Rod is the Ultimate Knife Honing Steel!
The HIP Process is an extra firing process which creates a tighter weave between the ceramic molecules – making the Black Ceramic a tougher rod than White Ceramic. This makes the Black Ceramic an excellent option for Western Blades, like extremely hard German Knives. The fact that the Black Ceramic is considerably harder than even the hardest steel, ensures that the Rod provides a superior hone.
Mounted on a Handcrafted Wooden Handle, the Satori Sharpening Rod offers an Ergonomic feel that puts a Sharp Edge back on your blades – and a smile on your face!

Satori Ceramic Sharpening Rod Care & Use Instructions

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